Matthew J Morrison

Award-Winning Horror, Fantasy & Sci-Fi Author

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The Australian Shadows Award winning short story.

A beautifully vivid and visceral story, in the tradition of Stephen King, set against the backdrop of the Australian bush.
When Henry Evans goes bush to escape abuse at home, he finds his troubles have followed him to his special tree, and he must confront his fears alone. Until an unexpected friend comes to his aid.


“Emma once told me that every community in the world has its secrets…some are just darker than others.”

When Emma drops her backpack in the local pub, the barman’s nephew immediately falls for the exotic and free-spirited young woman.
But as he begins introducing her to his favourite haunts in the mountains, she directs her affections elsewhere.

In doing so, however, she attracts the attention of the village’s spectral secret—the Bergmann Sisters.


Matthew is an award-winning author of horror, fantasy and science fiction. His short stories have appeared in Midnight Echo, Andromeda Spaceways and Aurealis, and the odd small press anthology.

His story ‘The Banksia Boys’ — now available on Amazon — won the Australian Shadows Award for Short Fiction for 2017. His work has also been nominated and short listed for various other awards. In 2016, he was a joint winner of the Ditmar Award for Best Fan Publication in Any Medium, for his work on the Australian SF Snapshot.

When he’s not wrangling SQL database queries, he divides his time between a steady trickle of short stories and the odd longer work.

His first bookish love was Edgar Allan Poe, a Christmas present given to a voracious 12 year old reader. Other favourite authors include Clive Barker, Robin Hobb, Terry Pratchett and Andrew McKiernan.

Matthew grew up in the southern suburbs of Sydney, Australia, before travelling the world, and finally settling in Hobart, Tasmania, where he lives with the most understanding family in the world.

He tweets under the handle @acutemattiosis.

And he blogs about his creative process and writer’s journey.​

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